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Asia Summer Program


The Asia Summer Program (ASP) is a three-week international summer program focused on topics relevant to Asia. Its primary aim is to foster future leaders who have a strong understanding of Asian cultures, a broad and creative mindset, and a talent for international collaboration. The learning environment is friendly and inter-cultural, often involving students from universities all across Asia and beyond.

HSB International Summer School


The topics for this international Bremen Summer Camp at Hochschule Bremen – City University of Applied Sciences (HSB) includes: German language, culture and regional studies; lectures on Electrical Engineering, Mechatronics, Information Technology; workshop on Intercultural Competences.

International Python Summer School IT Tallaght


As part of the further development of the mutual understanding and cooperation between Institute of Technology Tallaght (IT Tallaght) and SDJU, the three-week summer school facilitates the improvement of the participants’ English, and covers all the main features of the Python programming language.

McMaster Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program


This summer program is designed to start with academic English training in subjects related to Entrepreneurship and Innovation. While learning and improving language skills, SDJU participants have an opportunity to learn the essential concepts of innovative entrepreneurship, including: Entrepreneurial Opportunity Identification, Leadership for Innovation, Enterprise Opportunity Development, Business Launch and Development. In addition to classroom lectures taught by McMaster faculty, planned is experiential skills development that includes group performances and guided team development activities.

PNW English Language and Culture Program

United States

The purpose of this program is to introduce participants to American language and culture. The Purdue University Northwest (PNW) staff and faculty provides lectures, presentations, and campus tours to fulfil the objectives of this learning experience.

SDJU-Florida Tech

United States

This program offers introductory lectures and English training to SDJU students. In addition, the tour and sightseeing activities are arranged. The summer program allows a smooth transition of SDJU students to attend degree programs at Florida Institute of Technology (Florida Tech) at a late date, if they decide to.



This program offers a series of summer courses on German Language and Culture at Hochschule Kaiserslautern – University of Applied Sciences (HSKL). Local company visit is planned as well.

SDJU-LTU Summer Training Program

United States

This summer training program is focused and responds to the needs of the global Electrical Engineering industry, providing an international education for students that will work in the global co-operations in China. SDJU graduate students experience an American education at Lawrence Technological University (LTU) and are able to receive great benefits by attending classes and activities on LTU’s main campus.



This program offers a series of summer courses on German Language and Culture at Munich University of Applied Sciences (MUAS).

UNI Culture and International Business Program

United States

This three-week program provides SDJU participants with an opportunity to learn the essential concepts of culture and international business, including: Cultural Languages, Cultural Intelligence, Leadership, Negotiations, Global Labour Market, and Global Supply Chain. In addition to classroom lectures taught by University of Northern Iowa (UNI) faculty, planned are international cultural activities and company visits.