By focusing on serving intelligent manufacturing and equipment manufacturing industries, and on developing the disciplines of electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, material science and engineering, management science and engineering, computer science and Technology, and applied economics, SDJU has basically shaped a technical-application-oriented disciplinary structure with distinctive features of orienting itself towards the society, serving relevant industries and giving priority to the focal disciplines, taking engineering as its backbone, management and economics as its two wings, and science, literature, and art as its supports.

Now it has eleven key disciplines at all levels, among which Material Science and Engineering is listed as Class-IV “peak” discipline in Shanghai, Mechanical Engineering as the Class-II “plateau” discipline in Shanghai, Electrical Engineering as the Class-I discipline in Shanghai, Power Electronics and Power Transmission and Machinery Manufacturing and Automation as key priority disciplines authorized by Shanghai Education Department.
SDJU unswervingly adheres to its development road of integrating industry and education, actively involving in the latest industrial development, combing its scientific research and social services with its aim of meeting regional economic and social development demand. Its Large Forging Manufacturing Technology Engineering Center has been listed into the Shanghai Collaborative Innovation Center; its Large-scale Thermal Manufacturing Engineering Research Center and the Multi-directional Die Forging Engineering Center have been approved as Shanghai Engineering Technology Research Centers; its Shanghai Research Development Center for Equipment Manufacturing Industry has been listed as a key research base of Humanities and Social Sciences of Shanghai colleges and universities. SDJU has given full play to its industrial advantages and has long cooperated closely with Shanghai Electric (Group) Corporation, Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industry (Group) Co., Ltd., and Shanghai Lingang Group in the fields of talent training, scientific research, construction of research base and so on. In recent years, it has greatly promoted its in-depth R&D cooperation with different industries, and established eight technology transfer centers in the region of Yangtze River Delta and the Industrial Technology Research Institute in Foshan, Guangdong.
During the 13th Five-Year Plan period, one co-authored article has been first published in Science, and three ESI papers have been listed as highly cited. In terms of its scientific research achievements, SDJU has won 15 provincial, ministerial and industrial sci-technology awards; In terms of its provincial and ministerial projects, 116 projects on and above the provincial and ministerial level, among which 35 are state-leve ones, have been approved, and one fund has granted for the first time in the field of equipment pre-research work by the equipment development department of the Central Military Commission; In terms of its provincial and ministerial platform construction, the Large-scale Thermal Manufacturing Engineering Research Center has been approved for the first time by Shanghai Engineering Technology Research Center; In terms of its scientific research funds, the total input in science and technology has reached 460 million RMB yuan, and 199 million RMB yuan in scientific research. In addition, SDJU has positively participated for the first time in formulating the national standards for forgings, compiled the group standards for China Welding Association, and published the first brochure on environmental sanitation and protection machinery in China.