Faculty and Staff

The SDJU Overseas Scholar Program (OSP) is one of the most important constituents and promoters of the SDJU Thirteenth Five-year International Strategy. It essentially consists of two parts. The long-term overseas scholar is supposed to be focused on two core courses, while the short-term one is to play a leading example role as an international teacher in teaching one course, and to open public courses and workshops as means of course demonstration and teaching training for all the domestic SDJU teachers.

Since the year 2011, we have invited in total nearly 200 distinguished overseas professors, who came to SDJU to teach core professional courses and general courses solely in English, and to present lectures, so that our students would be able to learn internationally leading core courses conveniently and efficiently without going abroad. As a consequence, the language skills and international communication abilities of our students have been greatly enhanced. Furthermore, it is the courses taught and instruction supervised by these excellent overseas experts that substantially strengthened our international professional education.

The list below gives you the courses offered by SDJU overseas scholars in 2017.




Leading Technologies

Qing Long Han, Australia

School of Electrical Engineering

Digital Electronics

Ashfaq Ahemd, USA

PLC Technology

Maged Bushra Mikhail, USA

Control System

Hong Wei Zhang, UK

Contemporary Power Electronics Technology

Yun Wei Li, Canada

A General Introduction to New Energy Source

Pei Feng Xu, USA

School of Mechanical Engineering

Material Manufacturing

Nawaz Mahomed, South Africa

Material Properties and Applications

Xue Jun Ren, USA

Big Data Analysis

Zhong Xian Wang, USA

School of Electronic and Information Engineering

Cloud Computation

Pat Coman, Ireland

Advanced Database Systems

Jing He, Australia

Computer Simulation Technology

Zheng Li, USA

Information Combination Technology

Yue Min Zhu, France

Wireless Network Technology

Edison Freilas, Brazil

Innovation Management

Mike, Sweden

School of Business

Business Statistics

Michael Prophet, USA

International Marketing

K N Rajendran, USA

Business Statistics

Shang Zhen Luo, USA

World History

Louis E. Frenech, USA

University English Writing

Jamie Hyon, USA

Organizational Behaviour

Mary Susan Wurtz, USA

University English Writing and Presenting

Nick Roos, USA

University English Writing and Presenting

Pra Maier, USA


Fei Song, Canada


Charles Bram Cadsby, Canada

The Principle of Management

De Wei Wang, USA

Company Financial Management

Bing Wen Yan, USA

Project Management

John Vicery, Ireland

The Contemporary Development of Industrial Engineering

Tie Hong Guan-tian, Japan

Sino-American Language Communication and Culture

Yan Ping Dong, USA

School of Foreign Languages

Design Basics

Yan Fang Zhang, Japan

School of Design and Art

Comprehensive Design of Electromechanical Production

Marko Stanojevic, Serbia

Mathematics of Programming

Martin Bohm, Germany

The Advanced Vocational Technology College


Uli Schell, Germany

The Sino-German College for Intelligence Production

Mathematical Analysis

Li Ping Chen, Germany

Research Methodology

Xi Ping Yan, USA

Teacher Development Centre