Yan Hong Yuan, Female, Professor of Physics, received her Ph.D in Physics from Northwestern University, under the tutelage of academician Hou Xun. She has been the head of the teaching team of College Physics and the leader in the discipline of Physics Electronics. She has won many awards as an outstanding teacher in Shanghai.

Teaching Achievements

She teaches Quantum Mechanics, Electrodynamics, College Physics, College Physics Experiments, Analog Electronics Technology and Experiments, Digital Circuits and Experiments, Electrotechnics, Circuit Fundamentals, and Atomic Physics and so on. She has taken charged of two Shanghai Municipal Quality Courses: College Physics and College Physics Experiment.

She has chaired a number of teaching research and reform projects and published 7 textbooks and about twenty teaching research papers in core journals, including University Physics, Modern Education Management and Physics Experiment. She was awarded several prizes in Teaching Achievements of Shanghai Dianji University and the first Prize for the Excellent Achievements in the Eleventh Shanghai Education Research.

She has attached importance to students’ research ability and tutored them in the completion of four Scientific Innovation Projects for College Students sponsored by Shanghai Municipal Education Commission.

Under the instruction of Professor Yuan's team, many students won numerous awards in the National Physics Contest in recent three years, for example: two first prizes, thirteen second prizes and sixteen third prizes.

Research Achievements

Professor Yuan’s areas of research are the optical, electrical properties of nano-materials as well as physics education. She has chaired two Shanghai Scientific research projects, three university research projects, and one cooperation project with other universities. In the meanwhile, she is involved in three national level projects. Currently, she has undertaken two scientific research projects. She has won three awards for scientific research and obtained many patents. She has published more than eighty academic papers, including twenty in SCI, EI.

By Yue Ping Deng & Zhen Zhen Wang