A New SDJU Undergraduate Major Aircraft Manufacturing Engineering


Recently, the Ministry of Education (MOE) issued The Notice on Registration and Approval of College (University) Undergraduate Majors of 2022 (No. 3, [2022] MOE), and released registration and approval results of undergraduate majors. A new major of SDJU Aircraft Manufacturing Engineering (AME) was successfully approved.

AME is an industry-and-education integration (IEI) major, which fully explores advantages of Aviation Industrial School, a platform jointly set up by COMAC Shanghai Aircraft Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Eastern Aviation Technology Co., Ltd.,Spring Airlines and SDJU, and focuses on the job requirements of the aerospace manufacturing field. All IEI parties work together in establishing curriculum, deciding undergraduate program, IEI faculty, training base and so on. The major takes aircraft design, aircraft manufacturing, and aircraft maintenance as main directions, pays attention to train students’ innovation ability and engineering practice ability, and aims to cultivate qualified practical graduates with fundamental theory and skills in aircraft manufacturing engineering.

Focusing on the needs of industrial modernization and the construction of the Lin-gang New Area, SDJU strives to further strengthen its new engineering disciplines, concentrates on new technology industries such as intelligent manufacturing, integrated circuits, civil aviation, artificial intelligence, and new energy vehicles, optimizes layout of undergraduate majors, accelerates major transformation and upgrading, aiming to improve school running and boost quality of education.