Technological Progress on Sustainability and Safety of Electric Vehicle Drive System


Time: 15:30, Feb. 22, 2023

Location: Tencent Meeting 342-3169-4164

Speaker: Hu Yihua


Recent technological developments on sustainability and safety of modern EV drive system; application to study in UK universities.

About the speaker:

Prof. Hu has been engaged in researching reliability and safety of energy conversion systems for 15 years, and his interest has focused on reliability and safety of electric drive systems of new energy vehicles in recent years. In the pastfive years, he has received a total of 1.2 million pounds in project funding from institutes like the Royal Society, Royal Academy of Engineering, EU Horizon 2020 and so on. He has published so far atotal of112 papers on IEEE Transactions, including more than 40as first author and corresponding author, and 81 on IEEE Transaction on Power Electronics (TPE, Q1) and IEEE Transaction on Industrial Electronics (TIE, Q1), ranking tenth in the world and first in the UK over the past five years

Prof. Hu’s scientific researches and technology achievements have been successfully applied in many internationally renowned companies, such as Siemens, AVL, WilliamsEngineering,Dynexand CRRC. He also serves as the editorial board member for top international journals such asIEEE TIE, Nature, IET Intelligent Transport Systems and IET Renewable Power Generation.