Design Thinking for Product Innovation


Date: 1 p.m. Feb 24th, 2023

Location: University History Museum, Minhang Campus

Lecturer:Christian Kuhna

Lecture Summary:

In a rapidly changing world, designers need not only to create effective solutions, but also to have a broader perspective on the social, cultural, environmental, and financial background of their works. Contemporary design needs to connect with context and users, be evidence-based and strategically-led, thus requiring the application of appropriate research methods throughout the design process.
To gain a competitive advantage, students need to learn the role of research in the design process and be able to flexibly use different methodologies, as well as using findings to inform their decisions. The lecture will briefly introduce how different research methods are used in the design process in various industry settings.

Lecturer Profile:

Christian Kuhnais the founder and CEO of USDC, a Shanghai-based urban social design consultancy, and the founder of OnePlaceBox and China’s Naruse Aoyama co-living community. For 20 years, he held leadership positions in communications, HR and innovation at Daimler, Siemens, and Adidas headquarters, he also established the Adidas University and then moved to China in 2017.
Christian is now working on several projects, engaged in teaching and helping international brands and corporations transform their digital processes, innovation culture and leadership through design thinking.