Breakthrough in MOE Industry-University Cooperative Education Projects


According to The Notice on Announcing the List of the First Batch Industry-University Cooperative Education Projects of 2022 (No. 8 [2022]) and The Notice on Announcing the List of the Second Batch Industry-University Cooperative Education Projects of 202 (No. 1 [2023]) by the Department of Higher Education of the Ministry of Education, a total of 28 SDJU Industry-University Cooperative Education Projects (IUCEPs) were approved in 2022, a record high in approved IUCEPs. 

Organized and carried out by the Higher Education Department of the Ministry of Education, IUCEP aims to guide colleges and universities to cooperate in depth with enterprises, and to explore concerted ways to integrate industry with education in major construction, course construction, practice base construction, and teacher training. Relying on IUCEPs, SDJU will strive to innovate the industry-university cooperative education mechanism, promote the reform of talent cultivation model and advance the high-quality development of SDJU education. (By Office of Academic Affairs)