Encore of the Play Yan Xueyi in 2022


Widely welcomed, the SDJU original play Yan Xueyi was reperformed in Theater of Lin-gang campus. The encore was hosted by SDJU CPC Publicity Department, Art Education Committee, School of Arts and Sciences, organized by Chunxue Drama Club, and performed by over 20 teachers and students. SDJU WeChat Video Channel live streamed it, attracting nearly 3000 interactive audience.

The play, based on true stories of Yan Xueyi, one of the major founders of SDJU and a pioneer of vocational education, tells Yan’s extraordinary experiences of founding, running, revitalizing and invigorating school as schoolmaster and his touching stories as an educator. The vivid play aims to promote his inspiring spirit of pushing forward school development and vocational education, and eulogize contributions and sacrifices made by senior vocational faculty in the foster high-quality skilled talents for our country.

Starring Yan of old age, Zhang Qiang, teacher of School of Design and Arts, said, “I feel lucky to have the chance to retrace the history of SDJU by following the footsteps of Yan. Before my participation, I knew some difficulties of building SDJU from scratch but had little idea exactly how arduous it could be. With a careful reading of script, attentive instruction from director, repeated rehearsals, and better savoring of SDJU history, I now fully understand the tough journey of SDJU development and owe my uttermost respect to all SDJU predecessors.”

Zhang Kai, a sophomore majoring in mechanical manufacturing from School of Mechanical Engineering, playing Yan of the young age, and he concluded Yan sacrificed himself for our country and dedicated his youth and passion to China’s growth. Sticking to educational reform, Yan was a mature, prudent and enthusiastic young man.

Li Jiayang, a freshman of automobile major from School of Mechanical Engineering and Mr. Jiang in the play, expressed, “As a SDJUer of today, I’m glad to review the demanding yet great journey of building and rejuvenating SDJU with my teachers and classmates by playing my part in this original play.”

 “What we hope to achieve is enlightenment and spiritual encouragement not only for performers but also for all SDJU audience, to feel the shining vibe and educational wisdom of a master and better understand the historical implication and spirit connotation of SDJU”, said Zhu Chengshi, head of SDJU CPC Publicity Department. In recent years, SDJU has committed to digging out the educational elements in school history and closely combined creation and performance of plays with ideological and political education, thanks to which faculty and students have received vivid patriotism education and drawn spiritual strength and nutrition from historical figures of SDJU.                                                                     

 “We hope this play not only mirrors SDJU history but also sheds light into SDJU future. Not only students of today but also those in the future should take the responsibility of revitalizing the paly constantly.” said Professor Ji Wenbin, one of the scriptwriters of the play. He expected that the play as a new platform of campus culture could bring teachers and students face to face with masters, and further the educational function of campus culture.

Before the encore, student players were selected through school-wide audition, for young actors always ensured the most devoted spirituality and the ardent spiritual quest. The cast of this year well displayed the dynamism and passion of the young SDJUers, rendering an vivid reenactment of touching SDJU story, SDJUers’ continuous sacrifice and efforts generation after generation in the past seven decades.

In 2018, to pay homage to the 65th SDJU anniversary, CPC Publicity Department and Art Education Committee created the play. In 2019, the play was chosen into Original Campus Play Program of Shanghai Culture & Education Integration Project and then in 2020, the debut of Yan Xueyi gained success. In the future, SDJU will commit to campus cultural creation, incorporating Master play as an integral part in student and staff orientation, and a vivid lesson for ideological and political education, thus deepening the exploration of a constant ideological and political education. (By Wang Yuanyuan, School of Arts and Sciences)