Sailing, My First Dream


Time: 19:00, Nov. 24, 2022

Location: Tencent Meeting 880389864

Speaker: Bai Xiang’en

About the Speaker:

Bai Xiang’en, China’s first female marine officer across the Arctic Ocean; Captain, Ph.D., associate Professor of the Merchant Marine College of Shanghai Maritime University; Deputy Secretary-General of the Educational Branch of Shanghai Youth Federation; member of Navigation Science Popularization Committee of China Institute of Navigation (CIN); vice president of CMMA (Chinese Marine Model Association).

Bai Xiang’en has always been staying on the front line of navigation. She participated in China’s fifth Arctic scientific expedition, and served as the second officer on China's polar scientific research icebreaker Xue Long, which made her China's first female marine officer across the Arctic Ocean. Bai is an excellent grassroots young female teacher who is positive, optimistic and courageous to explore and innovate. She brings years of practical experience in ocean sailing and cutting-edge shipping information to her students, thus offers vivid and live multimedia teaching of sailing courses and useful career guidance, and realizes the seamless connection between classroom and sailing practice. She provided detailed information for merchant ships sailing across the Arctic, made suggestions for the strategically significant “Special Study on Arctic Waterways”, and was selected into the “2022 China Science and Technology Think Tank Young Talents Program”. She is enthusiastically engaged in public interest activities, and has been to grassroot districts and counties several times to carry out scientific popularization of navigation culture, leading more aspiring young people around her to forge ahead and pursue their dreams.