Brief Intro. to Computer Vision and Industry Application Cases


Time13:30, Nov. 4, 2022

LocationTencent Meeting 124-939-181

presenterZhang Yue


A new generation of information technology represented by artificial intelligence has become one of the important technical supports and core driving forces for China to promote high-quality economic development, build an innovative country and realize industrial intelligence. It can be predicted that the leapfrog development of China’s science and technology industry not only needs the continuous upgrading of the technical infrastructure, but also puts forward higher requirements for the quantity and quality of AI talent training. Starting from the basic task of machine vision, this report explores opportunities, difficulties and challenges of AI artificial intelligence application in industrial application. From the dimension of real cases, this report will also share implementation experience of AI projects.

About the speaker

Zhang Yue, led the R&D of Slicejobs, ProductNet and so on in Shanghai SO-IN Technology, and participated in the R&D of Microsoft WindowsServer2016, Azure Cloud and other products. He has won the special prize of the 3rd Chinese Youth Congress on Artificial Intelligence. He is certified as Baidu AICA Chief AI Architect with 2 patents, with a focus on application of deep learning industry. He received his master’s degree from Fudan University in 2012worked as senior engineer of Microsoft China from 2012 to2016 and is now CTO of Shanghai SO-IN Technology.