​SEE, A Perfect Balance of Pandemic Prevention with Caring of Student


Facing the severe and complex situation of pandemic prevention and control, the SEE (School of Electrical Engineering) responded in a timely manner, mapped out plans scientifically and implemented them effectively. They integrated ideological and political education into the whole process of pandemic prevention and control, and equally valued humanistic care.Efforts were made to integrate epidemic prevention and control with warm care for students, a unification of ideological guidance with value dissemination, and an institutional restraint with humane concerning.

Caring for students with sincerity and becoming their bosom friends. Recently, SEE leading members led counselors to visit student dormitories, and they told students to strictly abide by relevant regulations of SDJU epidemic prevention and control, inquired students’ study, postgraduate entrance examination, job hunting, campus life, etc., and answered questions that students were concerned with. Chen Guochu, SEE dean, carefully asked about life of freshmen after they came to SDJU, and talked with them about their hometowns and their college entrance examination. Besides, he emphasized that a good health is the premise for students’ life and study, and students should work out often to keep healthy, and he also encouraged them to actively participate in school activities to improve overall quality and make progress to become talents and contribute to society.

When communicating with the graduating class, Liu Jun, secretary of CPC SDJU Committee, hoped that everyone would have a good understanding of job market. When she learned that many students were studying hard for the graduate entrance examination, she encouraged them to prepare more carefully and strive for their goal. She also encouraged students to seize the golden period of autumn recruitment and pay more attention to job opportunities in Lin-gang, to find satisfactory jobs as soon as possible, and get ready for future challenges.

Ensuring pandemic prevention and control, and guiding students all the while.counselors and teachers held online class meetings, special Party member & student cadre workshopsto fully grasp the dynamics of students and correctly interpret policies of pandemic prevention and control. They guided students to better understand and fully support campus prevention and control measures, and paid attention to their ideological dynamics and responded timely to their needs. In addition, they effectively prevented and resolved potential risks, and formed an effective epidemic prevention and control network in an all-round way. At the same time, SEE carried out a variety of online activities, such as “party members as pioneers”, “career planning game”, “seagull craftsmanship course”, “education on prevention of telecommunication fraud” and “learning the 20th CPC National Congress and making contribution to society on a new journey”, etc. These diversified activities not only enriched students’ campus life, relieved their anxiety, but also better guided them to establish correct values, built a harmonious and healthy school culture, and stimulated students to become responsible students in the new era.

 “Both online and offline arenas are the front lines, and we should care for students and take the responsibility of uniting, organizing, and serving students. Also, we must make the greatest contribution in the fight against the epidemic.” said Qing Hailong, deputy secretary of CPC SEE Committee and vice dean, to every SEE counselor at a meeting.