SDA International Lecture — Research for Designers


Time: 13:00, Oct. 16, 2022

Venue: University history museum at Minhang Campus

Lecturer: Ola Handford

Report Summary:

In this fast-changing world, designers need not only to provide valid solutions but also to have a wider outlook at the social, cultural, environmental and financial context of their work. Modern designs must connect with contexts and users, be evidence-based and strategy-led, which requires appropriate research methodologies applied throughout the design process. To enhance competitive advantages, design and arts students need to do research in design, flexibly use different methodologies and base their decisions on their research findings.This lecture gives a brief introduction how different research methodologies can be used during the design process under a variety of industrial settings.

Lecturer’s profile:

Ola has a 15-year plus experience working with leading global brands. shaping and delivering strategic solutions in physical, digital and human touchpoints. She is awarded numerous professional awards in building and digital environments and serves as Strategy Director of London Design Festival.She has extensive design teaching experience from high school to master level in area of arts, performance, space and interaction design, collaborated with UAL, Falmouth University, DeTao Master Academy. She specializes in curriculum development and transcultural-cultural education. For many years as Academic Director at Artslink International Education, she has been supervising programs to enable students successfully admitted to prestigious overseas universities.With a hands-on approach, she works directly with students and families to help them establish educational goals, sustainable career paths and secure international employment.