Application and Future of Intelligent Robotics in the Era of Epidemic:


Time: 10:00, Oct. 14, 2022

Venue: Tencent Meeting with entry QR on the poster

Lecturer: Lu Qiuhong

Report Summary:

The lecture explains the concept, classification and development history of robots, the application of robots in various fields, several core technologies of special robots, the current position of China in this field, and the innovative applications of robots in the era of epidemic.

Lecturer’s profile:

Doctor and post-doctor of engineering, senior engineer in the field of artificial intelligence; Shanghai Craftsman, and technical leader of Shanghai Craftsman Innovation Studio; winner of Shanghai May 1st Labor Medal, Shanghai March 8 Red-banner pacesetter, and Shanghai Zhangjiang Innovative Talent.She set up Shanghai HRSTEK Co., Ltd. in 2007, and Shanghai HR Security Technology Co., Ltd. in 2017. She has formed a professional team deeply involved in the field of artificial intelligence for more than ten years and developed a variety of special robots to serve SPC, SWAT and CAPF, the petrochemical power industry. The robots are also used in major events such as World Expo, G20, China-Vietnam border mine clearance, Winter Olympics, etc., in order to protect the lives of police and soldiers.