A Research on High-Efficiency Hydrogen Production by Water Electrolysis with Renewable Energy


Time: 15:00, Sep. 30, 2022

Venue: Tencent Meeting (ID: 497-744-346)

Lecturer: Xu Lijun

Report Summary:

By focusing on the research related to high-efficiency hydrogen production by water electrolysis with renewable energy, Prof. Xu has formed his team dedicated to the research of grid-connected renewable energy hydrogen production system and hydrogen production mechanism. His report covers the experimental studies on mass transfer, two-phase flow distribution and gas nucleation sites in proton exchange membrane electrolyzers, the steady-state, two-phase and non-isothermal flow channel numerical models developed to satisfy the uniform distribution and exhaust demand of gas and liquid inside the electrolyzer, the established various-component-inclusive mathematical model of proton exchange membrane electrolyzer based on kinetics and electrochemical principles, and the renewable energy hydrogen production system considering multiple factors and multiple time scales.

Lecturer’s profile:

Xu Lijun, Ph.D., professor, doctoral supervisor, outstanding young scientific and technological talent of Xinjiang Autonomous Region, and an outstanding young scientific and technological talent of Urumqi. He is currently the director of the Scientific Research Department of Xinjiang Institute of Engineering, chairman of Xinjiang Coal Mine Electromechanical Engineering Technology Research Center, and chairman of the Hydrogen Energy Utilization Technology Key Laboratory of Xinjiang Institute of Engineering. He is also a consulting expert on energy saving for public institutions of Xinjiang (green power lighting program), and an expert of Xinjiang Science and Technology Department.