Pema Ladro Awarded the “Star of Self-improvement of Chinese College Students”


Recently, the list of 2021 “Star of Self-improvement of Chinese College Students” was announced. The event is jointly organized by China Youth Daily, New Oriental Education & Technology Group and China Foundation for Youth Entrepreneurship and Employment under the guidance of the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League and the All-China of Students’ Federation. After the recommendation by SDJU, the preliminary evaluation at the municipal level and the national evaluation, Pema Ladro from the School of Business was awarded the honorary title of “Star of Self-improvement of Chinese College Students”!

Pema Ladro, Tibetan, born in 2000 from Dangxiong County Tibet, is a senior majoring in Quality Management at School of Business. She has served as attendance monitor of her class and assistant counselor. From day one on campus, she has been diligent in study and strict in life, and has won honorary titles such as SDJU Model Scholarship of ethnic minority students, Duxing Scholarship, Excellence Scholarship, Financial Support Ambassador, Self-improvement Star and Advanced Individual of Campus Culture Construction. She has also won the scholarship of Sunshine Education program for outstanding ethnic minority students in Shanghai, the first prize of “BOC Cup” Top Ten Financial Aid Ambassadors in Shanghai, the second prize of National Business Elite Competition in 2021, the second prize of the 2021 National Student Business Elite Challenge, the first prize of the 12th National University E-commerce “Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship” Competition in Shanghai and the Best Creativity Award, the 8th China International “Internet +” Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition in Shanghai, the 8th China International “Internet +” Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition Shanghai Region Winner Award and many other honors.

Pema Ladro not only excelled in science and technology innovation, winning various education aids, but also actively contributed to volunteer service. During the epidemic, as a student volunteer, she assisted in NAT number counting, distributing antigen materials and always readied herself to solve student confusion and questions; as a nucleic acid volunteer, she helped medical workers to do nucleic acid test, collect information of local residents and fought for more than 40 days continuously. She actively closed up toward the Communist Party of China and always held herself to the standards of a party member, providing continuous service to teachers and students and contributing her youthful strength to the school and society. Despite her difficult family conditions, she always adheres to the SDJU spirit of “Self-improvement and Pursuit of Excellence”, enriching chapters of her life with sweat and efforts! (CCYL Committee, School of Business)