Great Achievements of SDA Students in Discipline Competitions


As design contests unveiled their results recently, students from School of Design and Arts (SDA) found great joy for being rewarded dozens of national prizes. In 2022, SDA students have already participated over 500 contests, winning more than 100 prizes, reaching an all-time height in contest level, and numbers of participated contests and awards.

SDA students submitted 60 entries to National Advertising Art Design Competition for College Students, and won two second prizes, three third prizes and five excellence prizes of Shanghai and one national excellence prize. Besides, SDA presented 70 entries to “Think Youth” Shanghai College Student Exhibition of Cultural and Creative Works organized by Shanghai Municipal Education Commission and gained two first prizes, ten second prizes and three third prizes in product design, three second prizes and three third prizes in digital media and amination, as well as one first prize, four second prizes and five third prizes in visual communication design.

SDA broke a new ground in contests of National University Subject Competition List. For example, in the 10th National College Digital Art & Design Awards, SDA entries won four first prizes, ten second prizes and 12 third prizes (Shanghai Division), and two national prizes. The China Creative Challenges Contest witnessed two third prizes and three excellence prizes (Shanghai Division) going to SDA. The above two contests were included in the List and SDJU entries totaled 250.

On the basis of its discipline features and unique advantages, SDA is devoted to facilitating learning, teaching and innovation through participating competitions. Under the guidance of Office of Academic Affairs and Education Center of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, SDA attentively encourages students to take initiative to participate national and municipal competitions to integrate discipline contests with course construction, industry and education, innovation and entrepreneurship education and internationalization.The fruits in 2022 design contests fully display SDA students’ brilliant capability in innovative design and epitomize SDA’s constant efforts to cultivate innovative, high-caliber and applied talents.

With experiences from previous competitions, SDA will commit to establishing first-class undergraduate majors, motivate teachers and students to participate related contests and grasp every opportunity to advance teaching reform and promote the quality of innovative talents. (School of Design and Arts)