“I believe we can beat the epidemic!”


This moving scene took place in a classroom at the Center for International Educational Exchange (CIEE) of Shanghai Dianji University.In order for students to maintain a normal study and life while fighting the epidemic, CIEE offered a series of Chinese lectures on regarding epidemic fighting to enhance international students’ understanding and mastery of the Chinese language related to the epidemic, as well as to introduce China’s dynamic zero-COVID policy.

In the latest lecture, teacher Wang Jing after introducing the dynamic zero-COVID policy asked a question, “Guys, do you have confidence in overcoming the epidemic?” A brief silence tightened her heart for she was wondering--after a long period of home study, could the students still maintain a positive attitude? “Teacher, our lives are returning to normal, aren’t they?” “We are now able to walk under the apartment building and have fun communicating with teachers online.” “Teacher, we gave up doing many things to be safe today, I believe all our efforts will not be in vain and I believe the epidemic will be overcome!” These enthusiastic responses made teacher Wang very glad. What is invincible when you always keep a positive and optimistic mind?

The good atmosphere of study and life has always been the characteristic of SDJU CIEE. In an online discussion themed “Why I believe”, students gave their answers. “I’ve received a lot of help from the government, the community and my neighbors, and though it’s been hard and less fun, things are getting better and I’m looking forward to visiting the Bund!” Heery, from Cameroon, was looking forward to life after the lockdown. “I believe I will soon be able to visit my brother in Fuzhou! Thanks to the Shanghai government for their efforts.” Chen Zhen from Congo (Brazzaville) was excited to share his plans after the epidemic. “I heard from my friends that the south of China is very beautiful, I want to visit Guilin in the summer! Vica from Gabon couldnt wait to work out her vacation plan.

Family Visit, travel, friend, gratitude, belief, and expectation. These are the words SDJU international students used to show their positive attitudes. The keynote of their epidemic-fighting lives is to live each day in the face of adversity. They do sports in their dormitories, create art during the lockdown, also share funny stories with their teachers in online classes. Besides, they write down words of encouragement and gratitude to each other on their doors, and they paint their hope for a better life on their masks, etc.

 “Keeping the fighting spirits under adversity is one goal of our education, and it is a value we strive to follow. Sun Lijiang, CIEE director said, “On the basis of unwavering adherence to the general dynamic zero-COVID policy and unrelenting efforts to prevent and control the epidemic, the Center always attaches importance to development and promotes the implementation of the 14th Five-Year Plan through various ways and channels.

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, CIEE has organized 32 online meetings and actively contacted 12 universities such as Shanghai University and other organizations like China Maritime Museum to carry out online research. At present, the Center is preparing the application for a new major, Chinese International Education, actively planning the construction of internship bases for international students, and continuously building a new brand of “Overseas Study in SDJU”. In addition, the Center has started the enrollment of international students in the fall of 2022 and completed the revision of the 2022 edition of the International Student Handbook.

The current wave of epidemic has lasted for more than two months, and the long battle has inevitably led to a little fatigue and anxiety, but in CIEE, students and teachers have chosen to replace hesitation with faith and substitute laziness with struggle. They are looking forward to the day when the epidemic is over, and they are actively fighting against the epidemic every day. (Center for International Educational Exchange)