Anti-epidemic Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition by Labor Union SDA Branch


With grass growing and flowers blooming, students and faculty of the School of Design and Arts (SDA) were working together to fight the epidemic. Recently, labor union SDA branch hosted an exhibition of calligraphy and painting works. These works well displayed efforts of Shanghai citizens in fighting the epidemic under the leadership of the CPC, and complimented the dedication of frontliners who rose to the challenges and fought continuously. Besides, they also depicted the scenery of Shanghai in spring, and expressed sincere wishes for peace and safety.

The following are works by teachers:

《共同守沪》(Safeguarding Shanghai Together) by Zheng Jiayi

Calligraphy by Liu Bomin: excerpt from Chairman Mao’s Poem《送瘟神》(Sending-off the Devil Brings Plague)

《画笔抗疫情-速写四联》(Pandemic Fighting Sketches) by Zhang Honglei

Calligraphy by Liang Yun:《戮力清零齐守沪 同心战疫向未来》(Concerted Endeavors to Safeguard Shanghai, Same-Mindedness for Future)

Calligraphy by Wu Xinrong: excerpts from Li Bai’s poem《秋登宣城谢脁北楼》 (Ascending Xuancheng Xietiao Tower in Autumn)

《迎接上海的春天》(Embracing Spring of Shanghaiby Zhang Xinyue

《春天里最美的“白色”》(Loveliest White Frontliners in Spring) by Zhao Zhijuan

The following are works by students:

Advisor: Zheng Jiayi

Advisor: Hou Jia