Cartoons of SFL Student to Encourage People in Fighting Epidemic


In March, the sudden outbreak of the epidemic interrupted the normal life and study on campus. Though the usual bustling campus seemed extraordinarily quiet, it silently oozed with its missing of every SDJUer. The online teaching two years ago was restarted, but this time teachers and students were calmer and better prepared. So, the online courses were lectured orderly, and campus safety measures were more effectively implemented.

While SDJUers are joining hands in fighting against the epidemic, Chen Ruolin, a sophomore from School of Foreign Languages (SFL), is deeply moved and has recently drawn a series of original cheering cartoons for those fighting the epidemic. Let’s now enjoy her drawings.

Teachers giving online lectures

Tutoring and Counselling via video conferencing

Keeping social distancing and avoiding close contact

Floor volunteers providing services for everyone

National flag flying, cherry blossoms blooming, and the dawn of defeating the epidemic approaching

Waiting for you on campus