SDJU Teachers Take on Duty as Epidemic Frontliners


To further implement on-campus measures of epidemic prevention and control, and to ensure proactive and steady school running, SDJU, in compliance with requirement of Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, set up a teacher volunteer team for nucleic acid sampling (NAS). On the morning of May 8, twenty NAS teacher volunteers attended a training session under the guidance of SDJU epidemic prevention and control leadership team. The training was hosted by the Vice President Wang Zhiheng.

In this training, doctors of SDJU Clinic gave detailed explanations and live demonstrations about NAS, including seven-step handwashing, protective clothing putting-on, NAS, protective clothing taking-off and medical waste disposal etc. The training enabled volunteers to grasp the sampling procedures and requirements in the shortest possible time to ready them for NAS practice.

Vice President Wang pointed out that SDJU epidemic prevention and control has been effective. During nucleic acid testing, the first NAS volunteer teachers actively participated. When burdened with the complicated situation and difficult NAT tasks, they dared to take up the responsibility and rose to the challenges. Also, they were courageous and dedicated, and fought on the frontline against the epidemic. It was hoped that this training would further improve understanding of personal protection and NAS among the volunteer teachers, and standardize the NAS procedure. Besides, it would improve personal protection and operational skills during NAS and ensure that the testing be carried out in a standardized, scientific and efficient manner. In addition, it could further enrich sampling team and promote NAS work, thus providing a strong guarantee regarding the epidemic prevention and control on campus. (General Affairs Department)