Four New Master’s Degree Programs Authorized


SDJU was recently granted four new Master’s degree programs, namely, International Business, Electronics and Information Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Materials and Chemical Engineering, according to the Notice of 2020 Newly Reviewed and Added Doctor’s and Master’s Degree Programs by the State Council Academic Degrees Committee(No. 142021)officially released by  the State Council Academic Degrees Committee.

The List of Four Newly Authorized SDJU Master’s Degree Majors


      Shanghai   Dianji University     

International Business

Electronics and Information   Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Materials and Chemical  Engineering                                  

The approval of these four new Master’s programs, a remarkable achievement, stems from the constant efforts of SDJU in degree construction. By upholding technology-based and application-oriented school-running strategy, revolving around the goal of erecting high-level university of applied science with distinctive features and deepening the institutional cooperation in Industry-Academia-Research, SDJU will strive to emerge as a university with distinctive application-oriented connotation and industry-targeted characteristic, which conforms to needs of Shanghai socioeconomic development, advanced manufacturing industry as well as relevant service industries. (Postgraduate Office)