Business School Team Won Prizes in Global Brand Planning Competition


On May 30th, Kuming witnessed the closure of 2021 Brand Planning Final Competition of CUBC (China University Business Challenge), i.e. Chinese Qualification Competition of (Singapore) Global Brand Planning Competition. Three teams from Business School participated with Brand Planning for Ducks in Lucid Waters and Lush Mountains directed by Pan Hongmei winning National First Prize and Global Competition Finalist, Brand Planning for 9930·GERMAGIC Brand Planning Team supervised by Zhao Nan winning National First Prize and Best Creativity Award, and National First Prize and Best Show Award going to Brand Planning for Shanghai Zhijiao Information Technology Co., Ltd. SDJU and cooperating enterprises were respectively granted Best Institutional Organization Award and Excellent Enterprise Award.

The competition aimed to increasing integration between industry and education and offering students a platform to think, conceive and practice for their capability building in design, plan, marketing and administration. It absorbed over 600 participating teams including more than 3,000 teachers and students from beyond 300 colleges and universities in 25 provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities and special administrative regions. Experts reviewed their works and qualified 240 teams from 110 colleges and universities for on-the-spot final in the national level. During preparation, Zhao Nan and Pan Hongmei, professors of Business School gave dedicated instruction to students’ plan draft, form of demo and had them rehearsed repeatedly. Prize-targeted, members made relentless efforts and succeeded in finishing competition stages like exhibition, negotiation and roadshow. Thanks to exchange during the contest, SDJU students not only broadened their horizons but improved their ability to act, plan, communicate and organize. They deepened their professional knowledge of brand planning and enriched their hands-on experience.

CUBC Brand Planning, i.e. Chinese Qualification Competition of (Singapore) Global Brand Planning Competition is a special activity designed to enable colleges and universities to serve small and medium enterprises. It was hosted by Global Marketing Association of China (GCMF), CCOIC (China Chamber of International Commerce) Commercial Chamber of Commerce, CCPIT (China Council for the Promotion of International Trade) Commercial Sub-Council, Commercial Culture Association of China, China Trade News, and Kunming Municipal Bureau of Commerce and organized by CCPIT Commercial Sub-Council. (Huang Yuanyi, Zhou You)