Mechanical Design and Manufacturing and Automation of SDJU Accredited


China Engineering Education Accreditation Association (CEEAA) recently issued Notice for Accreditation of 305 Majors in Mechanical Engineering for Zhejiang University, etc., including a SDJU major, Mechanical Design and Manufacturing and Automation (MDMA), which will last for six years starting from January, 2021.

Publication of this accreditation shows that quality of SDJU students under this major is up to CEEAA standard, and thus SDJU graduates will be equally favored in applying for engineer qualification in participatory countries and areas of Washington Accord.

MDMA of SDJU was respectively listed in the second and third Shanghai Undergraduate Education Highland Project in 2008 and 2009. In 2009, it stood as one of the first pilot majors for research and practice of CDIO engineering education, and was approved for construction of special major by Ministry of Education (MOE), and then in 2013, entering MOE excellent engineer education program and in 2019 became part of “Double First-Class Initiative”. MDMA of SDJU is widely accepted and praised in society thanks to constant implementation of reform and innovation in engineering education, coordinated efforts of faculty, proactive integration between industry and education, strengthening practical teaching and significant increase in quality of graduates.

SDJU aims to bring into full play the exemplary effect of MDMA accreditation, using it as a key drive of promoting quality of overall education and school running, fully implementing the doctrine of engineering education, i.e. student-centered, outcome-based and improvement-oriented, and earnestly educating high-quality and application-oriented students. (Shao Bing)