Progress Made by the Team of Professor Li


The project of Professor Li Rongbin and his team, the Key Hot Working Technology and Application for Large-scale Container Components of Passive Nuclear Power Equipment, has scored the second prize in Shanghai Science and Technology Award.

Cooperating with Shanghai Electric SHMP Casting and Forging Cooperation and Shanghai Electric Nuclear Power Group Cooperation, the team was committed to conquering the technological challenges in hot working of large container components for the third generation passive nuclear power equipment. To achieve self-sufficiency of domestic nuclear power equipment and break foreign blockade on new technics, Professor Li and his team overcame multiple technological barriers by collaborative research, and integrating production and education. The team innovated hot working technology revolving around forging, processing and wielding, endowing the hot working technology with independent intellectual property rights, thus upgrading technical progress and engineering application of nuclear power equipment. All their efforts and outcome proved worthy and extraordinary.