Experience Sharing about Starting Buke by Zhu Xiangyu


Speech: Experience sharing about starting Buke

Time: 4:00 p.m., April 20th, 2021

Location: Rm. 207 of Teaching Building A

Speaker: Zhu Xiangyu, CEO of Shanghai Yushunyao Info Technology Co., Ltd., 2015 graduate of SDJU majoring in Marketing. Revenue of his company surpassed 30 million yuan in 2020, and Buke becomes the largest one-stop textbook platform in east China.


1. Reasons of Zhu starting his own business;

2. Online shopping on campus from 2013 to 2015;

3. Transitional period to 65 Recycle (campus recycling platform) in late 2015;

4. Transition to second-hand book campus platform in 2016;

5. Rebirth of Buke Campus in May, 2017.

Host: School of Arts and Sciences