Zhao Shouwei: Implicit Lyapunov Control of Quantum System with Polarization and Dipole Kinetic Energy


Topic:Implicit Lyapunov Control of Quantum System with Polarization and Dipole Kinetic Energy

Time: 12:30 p.m., March 26th, 2021

Location: Rm. 313, Building of Arts and Sciences

Speaker: Zhao Shouwei

Zhao, associate professor and master tutor of Shanghai University of Engineering Science, her researches revolving around analysis and manipulation of mixed system as well as quantum control. She published over 20 SCI papers with 8 as top-tier or second tier pieces. Sheheaded three projects, one from The National Natural Science Foundation of China, another from Natural Science Foundation of Shanghai and the third from “Chen Guang” Program of Shanghai Education Commission. She also serves as member of Quantum Control Theory and TechnologySeminar of Chinese Association of Automation (CAA).

Content: This lecture will start with an introduction of theory and method of quantum control, and then move onto talk about implicit Lyapunov control design of a closed quantum system.

Participants: Mainstay fromSchool of Arts and Sciences.

Host: School of Arts and Sciences