Active Preparations and Lawful Measures to Ensure Smooth and Orderly School Opening


“Please show your school-return application and health QR code.” “Please have your temperature taken there.” ...... On Feb. 26, SDJU welcomed back her first batch of returned students for 2021 spring term.

To make sure all students return safely, SDJU held several online meetings to delegate tasks to responsible departments. During the vacation, Office of Student Affairs and counselors of secondary schools learned students’ status quo through timely communication to get renewed and accurate information about students’ latest situation and potential pandemic risks during the vacation.Before their return, students were reminded to start a fortnight person health inspection. And secondary schools also informed each student of the process and details of school return through online class meeting, individual contact, or other forms, and solved their personal difficulties one by one.

To ensure students’ smooth return, SDJU made full use of information technology for student affairs like school-return application, permission for leave and so on.Meanwhile, SDJU also instructed students to return by batches according to their hometown and grade. At the school gate and on campus, volunteers of the Youth League Committee helped students in the rain: printing school-return applications, guiding registration of QR code, and carrying luggage. For those who had difficulties in completing school-return procedures or neglecting luggage, volunteers patiently and conscientiously repeated tips and offered help, rendering their contribution for a smooth, safe and warm school-return.

Office of Teaching Affairs (OTA) also regularly organized meetings to ensure a good teaching order for the new term. Teachers in charge discussed arrangements of teaching online and deployed impending tasks for the new term. OTA made detailed arrangements for teaching preparation, textbook distribution, make-up examination, class-time schedule, online and offline mixed teaching, graduation design (or thesis) and other relevant matters. All aspects of teaching affairs for the new term were covered to facilitate academic study and life of student.

Taking into consideration of pandemic prevention and control, the Accommodation Service Centre (ASC) finished all preparatory works of school opening. ASC counted number of employees on duty every day and tracked other staff that went back for New Year. Also, according to requirements of SDJU Epidemic Prevention and Control Group (EPCG), works like campus cleaning, classroom cleaning and ventilation, campus disinfection, spring-time tree and flower planting were all completed prior to school opening. In addition, desks and chairs in classrooms were comprehensively checked; equipment and facilities were carefully examined one by one. Canteen staff also carried out comprehensive cleaning. Food safety inspection in kitchens and warehouses of each canteen was done with food safety and fire education emphasized more than once. These measures can surely ensure a safe, clean and comfortable learning and living environment for students.

On the first day of this term, all went well on campus, and everyone expected a new beginning in good spirits.