A New Major for SDJU—New Energy Vehicle Engineering


The Ministry of Education (MOE) has recently released Notice of Accreditation and Approval on Postgraduate Majors of Higher Education for 2020, and made public related results. For SDJU, the great news was that New Energy Vehicle Engineering (NEVE) as a major was approved, and thus making SDJU the first university with this major in Shanghai.

The new major conforms to the national need of industrial restructure and development as well as Shanghai regional development planning for new energy vehicle (NEV). Relying upon the NEV industry cluster of Ling-gang Special Area of China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone, this major focuses on fostering application-oriented talents in system integration, intelligent system design, performance testing and fault detection diagnostic of the NEV field.

Revolving around industry modernization and needs of Lin-gang Special Area, SDJU will strengthen its competitive new engineering discipline, focus on high-tech industries like intelligent manufacturing, integrated circuit, artificial intelligence and NEV, keep reasonable undergraduate size, optimize and upgrade structure of undergraduate majors and improve its specialties to become a first-rate university.


Yuan Weiguang