President Meeting with Students from Business School


On Nov. 20, President Hu Sheng, had discussions with seniors from Business School (BS) in Room 502 of BS Building. The meeting was presided by Chen Xiuchun, BS CPC Deputy Secretary and Vice Dean. Xiang Jun, BS CPC Secretary, Fu Liyou, BS Dean, Xiong Hongjun, BS Vice Dean, and counsellors also participated.


The topic of the meeting was “all-around effort for future dreams”. Faculty members and students discussed matters relating to university life, academic study, career planning and current barriers, etc. The atmosphere was pleasant, with senior students speaking out freely and resorting to their teachers for puzzles and problems. President Hu and teachers from Business School answered these questions and offered guidance. President Hu encouraged every student to cherish the opportunity in Shanghai for further development, and to stick to faith, striving for goals with the spirit of “exerting oneself and pursuing excellence”.

Students found it beneficial in meeting with President Hu and other teachers, and found some momentum to move forward. The meeting also provided precious advice for graduates in their job hunting and career development. (By Huang Fuchang from Business School)