SEIE Students Won Prize in China Robot Competition


From November 19 to 22, China Robot Competition, sponsored by Chinese Association of Automation and the Government of Jimo District in Qingdao, unveiled its curtain. This competition consists of 18 types of robots competitions, including service robots, underwater robots and rescue robots, etc. Over 700 teams from more than 200 universities, including famous universities like Tsinghua University, Zhejiang University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shandong University, National Defense University of Science and Technology participated.After rounds of competition, SDJU students from School of Electronic Information Engineering (SEIE) won two second prizes and one third prize respectively in the three projects of service robot multi person identification, general service and supermarket shopping.


China Robot Competition is one of the most influential and comprehensive technology competitions in China. It has been organized 21 times from 1999 to 2020, and has been listed in the 2015-2019 National University Subject Competition List of China Association of Higher Education.

SDJU team members have been preparing for the competition since summer vacation. They did their utmost to work out solutions, build hardware and software platforms, develop algorithms, and debug the whole machine. The functions of the robot have been continuously optimized, and the test results are getting better and better. Affected by the epidemic, the competition was put off several times, and there was a sudden outbreak of epidemic just before they left. However, these contingencies do not disturb their preparation. The team members are fully confident and bound to win.

During the process of ardent preparation, the team members solved many problems under the guidance and help of supervising teachers as well as their mutual support, encouragement and their own persistence and efforts. They upgraded the speech recognition algorithm and added the function of hot terms, which greatly improved the accuracy of speech recognition, far better than other teams. During the competition, players debugged the equipment until midnight, and stayed up late after returning to their residence to adjust the code according to the actual test results of the competition. At 6 a.m., they endured the cold weather and rushed to the competition stadium to debug the equipment before the competition started.



In recent years, in order to expand students’ knowledge, promote disciplinary crossing, and cultivate students’ innovative ability, SEIE has actively organized students to participate in competitions in robotics, electronic design, software design and artificial intelligence. These competitions not only display students’ tenacious, innovative and hardworking spirits, but also reflect the achievements of SEIE in aspects of entrepreneurship and innovation education, talent training, student competition and subject construction. (Rao Lei)