110 SDJU Little Leaves officially set off to the 3rd CIIE


Resounding vows such as “Dedication, friendship, cooperation and progress!”, “Stride forward, fearless youngsters!” and “Here we are, the 3rd CIIE!” reverberated in SDJU Theater. On 26th Oct., a total of 110 Little Leaves (3rd CIIE volunteers) gathered together for the launching ceremony of their 3rd CIIE volunteer trip.

Different superb stories occur when Little Leaves embrace CIIE. As embodiments of youth and vitality, CIIE badges and gadgets well incarnate their volunteerism. This year, SDJU upgrades its CIIE memorial badges and gadgets. Besides the CIIE official badges, SDJU also tailored its own with Chinese idioms implying time of Little Leaves’ volunteer service.

The first idiom “first time freshman volunteer” means first possibly the only encounter with CIIE, thus these first-timers should serve to their best.

The second means “Good things come in pairs.”, symbolizing sophomores’ reencounter with CIIE and their amazing experiences of serving as volunteers twice happen again in to them.

And the last is “third time volunteer”, dedicated to those who have continuously been selected as volunteers for three successive years. This badge also serves as an encouragement for them to live up to and spread SDJU spirit.

Placed together on the badges, the Dada (SDJU mascot) and Jinbao (CIIE mascot) well demonstrate SDJU’s contribution to CIIE. Although different in color, the three badges (gold, silver or bronze) represent shared responsibility.

Given the far distance to CIIE, SDJU has customized special blanket printed with CIIE and SDJU patterns for volunteers to relax and refresh en route. We hope that every volunteer can feel the warmth and care of SDJU.

Due to the pandemic, SDJU also provides volunteers with some anti-pandemic products such as hand sanitizers, wet tissues, masks and gloves. By doing so, we want every volunteer protect themselves while offering service to others.

Shang Hailong, Secretary of Department of Student Affairs and Zhao Guodong, Deputy Director of Teaching Affairs Office hand out CIIE supplies.

Wang Chunyin, representative of Little Leaves, who serves as CIIE volunteer three times, talks on the ceremony. His idea of being ardent and passionate spurs all Little Leaves to carry out the voluntary spirit during CIIE.

Li Xiaojun, SDJU Deputy Secretary and Vice Principal, passes flag to leader of SDJU volunteers. Later, she talks about her own CIIE story and highly praises every CIIE participants. She also underlines that voluntary work is a significant measure for SDJU to carry out comprehensive reform, and improve education through practice. She sincerely hopes that every SDJU Little Leaf can inherit voluntary spirit, build up their skills and strive to excel.

With cordial commitments, ardent expectations and wishes, a total of 110 SDJU Little Leaves set off for the 3rd CIIE. They happily sing The Power of Youth, determined to embrace the world with smile and honor their promise with real actions. Hopefully, a successful, excellent and unforgettable global CIIE will be made possible with their help!

Before noon, 61 volunteers have arrived at NECC and started their service. In uniforms and with supplies, SDJU Little Leaves are bound to live up to SDJU spirit and make their own contribution to the 3rd CIIE.