Thorough Arrangement and Meticulous Preparation Help Over 8000 Students Back on Campus Smoothly


The heady fragrance of laurel blossoms wafting through the air marks a perfect time for a new semester. From September 12 to 15, over 8000 undergraduate and graduate students from all around the country successively returned, after a long separation, for the 2020 fall semester. Their return revived and vitalized the campus anew.


Thorough Arrangement and Full Preparation to Embrace Returning Students


“Can I pass the gate inspection by my return application?”

“How can I move all these luggage and packs?”

“What would happen if I am denied entry at the closed gate of dorm building?”

Students were quite relieved when they actually returned, with everything in good order and well arranged. The uniformed volunteers were helping around, the counselors, security, and even school heads were at places where students would pass by, ready to solve any problems.

You smiled genuinely, feeling amazed by how smooth everything was on the “back-to-SDJU journey”.

But actually, the “silky-smooth” proceedings were made possible by the meticulous preparations of SDJU heads and all departments.

As soon as the time for reopening was determined by SDJU COVID-19 Prevention Leading Group, SDJU has held meetings for prevention and control of the pandemic, i.e. meetings of the Leading Group arranging school opening, and has tutored faculty for preparation, scheduling clearly the preparational works before and after students’ return as well as faculty’s job responsibilities and discipline requirements to ensure student safety. Counsellors from secondary schools interpreted guidelines for students by online “face to face” class meetings, and resolved students’ concerns. SDJU had analyzed and deduced every potential situation, arranged delicately every proposal, actively coordinated traffic police, public security, Stability Maintenance Office and other related departments in Lingang and Minhang, making sure a safe and smooth reopen.


Multilateral Cooperation Made School Reopen Well-thought and Smooth


During students’ journey back to school, SDJU departments acted with united strength, polling efforts together for reopening.

Sun Peilei, Secretary of SDJU CPC Committee, Hu Sheng, President of SDJU, Li Xiaojun, Deputy Secretary of SDJU CPC Committee and Vice President, and Wang Zhiheng, Vice President, had put themselves on the frontline, conveying greetings to the working members, paying special attention tough and difficult issues in school reopening. Secretary Sun warned that everyone must implement the pandemic prevention measures strictly and facilitating student return in every possible way. President Hu had an amiable talk with students back, encouraged them to pursue academic excellence, and painted a new chapter in 2020. Li Xiaojun, Deputy Secretary of SDJU CPC Committee, was particularly concerned with students changing dorms, queried whether there were any potential difficulties along the process, listened to their needs carefully, and offered helpful advice repeatedly. Vice President Wang checked conditions in the dining halls, and made sure safe food provision. School heads required close attention paid to reopening and guaranteed student satisfaction.

School security worked hard at Gate No. 2 of Lingang Campus and Western Gate of Minhang Campus, guarding the entrance and organizing the traffic. On the other hand, they took student temperature, and checked their health QR codes, ID cards and return application etc.

Members from Student Affair Office under CPC Committee and counselors from every secondary school trotted around campus and went to dorms and solving problems as quickly as they can.


Creative and Warm Service

In order to cope with the difficulty of carrying heavy luggage all the way to dorms, SDJU had offered a variety of unique transport services.

Around the campus, CPC volunteer teachers in orange vests, and student volunteers in yellow uniforms, helped everywhere. They transported luggage, went back and forth, and offered great services against the heavy rain.

       The shuttle buses went back and forth between dorms and school gate, busy with carrying luggage and students.

Considering the difficulty of carrying heavy luggage upstairs, special carts were prepared for those live on high floors.

To prevent possible sickness for the rain, hot ginger tea was offered to volunteers and students in canteens. Abundant dishes were also prepared, of course with the tip to “clear your plate”.

Pandemic prevention and control was not only a tough battle, but also a great test. Thanks to thorough preparations, and all-sided drillings and supervisions, every task of reopening was carried out steadily and orderly. By September 15, over 8000 students had returned, and the test of reopening school drew to an end. However, throughout this special semester, all SDJU departments would continue to pay close attention to pandemic prevention and control and complete all works after reopening with devotion and dedication to win the battle against the epidemic. All must be done to block pandemic spread for safety and health of every teacher and student while ensuring our school function properly.