The First Golden Prize in 6th China College Students ‘Internet Plus’ Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition (Shanghai District)


On September 8th, the curtain of 6th China College Students’ ‘Internet Plus’ Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition fell after a fierce competition of three months. Through SDJU final, Shanghai preliminary, semi-final, training camp and ultimate final against participates from national key universities, the project Book Campus by Zhu Xiangyu and his partners, directed by Mr. Sun Yuan and Shang Hailong, honorably won the golden prize. It was so far the first time that SDJU student has been rewarded such an honor.

A total of ten projects (nine from advanced education field, and one from vocational education field) from SDJU had been shortlisted this time, achieving outstanding accomplishments. In advanced education field, one golden prize, seven copper prizes and one excellence award had been made, and one copper prize in vocational education field.

The competition, since its inauguration in June, had been highly valued by SDJU authority. Under the perfectly organization by Office of Teaching Affairs, Youth League Committee and related secondary schools, nearly 500 projects had entered the competition, which was a record-breaking number. During the within-campus competition, a number of professionals had been invited to put the about-to-go projects under the technical guidance, to review and judge projects in the finals. Ten had been finally selected to compete in Shanghai.

Owing to the pandemic this year, Office of Teaching Affairs, under the guideline “multi-round tutoring by multiple teachers”, had assisted students in aspects like project preparation, innovational conciseness and online displays by organizing online reply and argument, tutoring and setting up chatting groups and so on.

 With “competition and innovation” as its theme, this competition aimed to promote study, education and innovation more comprehensively, globally and innovatively while adhered to Chinese heritages and educational standards. This competition is sure to stimulate a strong passion of innovation and entrepreneurship, better display the outcomes of education in innovation and entrepreneurship of Shanghai, and contribute to set up the platform bridging innovational and entrepreneurial projects with societal investment.

Under the guideline of “a brand for each school”, SDJU is to propel innovation and entrepreneurship education further. We will strengthen teams for curricular academic competition, hold up more within-campus academic competitions, perfect methods of inspiration of innovation and entrepreneurship for faculty and student members, foster better projects, infuse fresh blood for various competitions, and improve core competitiveness. (By Qin Wei)