SDJU E-Class: 8th Anniversary


By Lily Cao & Snow Zhao

December 11, 2018

SDJU E-Class celebrated its 8th anniversary today with an award ceremony entitled ‘Never Forgetting Why You Started, and Accomplishing Your Mission: A Celebration of 8 Years of E-Class at SDJU’. More than 400 faculty and students attended the ceremony held in the SDJU Theatre. Our profound gratitude goes to the Graduate Division and the E-Class instructor family for their generous support in making this event possible.

SDJU E-Class is a web-based community of education, public service, and entertainment. E-Class is open and available to anyone and is a permanent SDJU activity. Through E-Class, faculty and students communicate in groups, store massive resources, enrich their lives and use the content to tackle difficult challenges.

At the ceremony of celebration, the fleeting 2018 was summarized through a variety of colourful activities such as dancing, singing, sketches, model performances and games, etc. What’s more, greeting videos from virtually all E-Class members were played, merely with a view to giving best wishes to the 8th anniversary of the founding of E-Class, and to expressing in solitude the resolution to proceed.