Love Song of Green Island


Presented by: Shanghai Wenhui Shanghai Opera Troupe

Date: Monday 29th October 2018 – 18:00

Venue: SDJU Theatre

Event Type: Performance Arts


The play is mainly about the story of an honest legendary young man who, derogatorily being called ‘the Silly’, has transformed from a ‘bird catcher’ into a firm and outstanding ‘bird keeper’ through a series of dramatic events. The protagonist secures human nature and emotions, as well as the living creatures, by his sincerity, humour, cleverness and boldness, whistling a moving love song on the Green Island as beautiful as a fairyland.

It is the first time for Shanghai Opera to focus on environment protection, and the construction of the ecosystem on the Chongming Island in particular. In addition, the opera extols the harmony between nature and human beings.