New co-op program starts effective experiential learning


By R. Ling

October 23, 2018

Undergraduates from engineering backgrounds alternate classroom studies with full-time work in career-related jobs for three to four months when participating in an earn-to-learn program. The SDJU cooperative education (co-op) program, based in the Department of Electric Motors within the School of Electrical Engineering, has been established to offer experiential learning experience.

The mission is simple: to prepare and support these students for career success, and meet the needs of employers and partners. Through motor drawing, file archiving, data processing, and production assistance, the co-op internship program aims to empower students with application of knowledge and skill for continual learning and integration in a work-based environment.

Being a freshman in a new and authentic environment did impact my nerve in fulfilling the tasks and activities… Thankfully, there were teachers from the company that helped me,’ says Xian Zhe Zhuang, who participated in an internship at GW Industry through the co-op program.

Co-sponsored by GW Industry, the co-op program received grant support of the totality of 50,000 RMB to award students with excellent performance in completing co-ops. The internship program is focusing on critical thinking, self-directed learning, and collaborative awareness in order to better prepare students for their future career in industrial organizations.

To develop the new programming, Zhao Chaohui, SDJU co-op program director and SDJU Science and Technology Division dean, talked with industry partners, researched current best practices, and sought out student feedback. ‘We are proud of the excellency presented in co-op participation,’ says Gu Weimin, GW Industry Chairman. ‘We believe these students will continue to contribute to the success of our company after graduation.’