Classical Arts on Campus


By R. Ling

May 28, 2018

The program of Classical Arts on Campus at SDJU invites students to explore classic arts as contemporary practices in campus theatre within an intellectually rich continuum of traditions in literature and arts. We introduce classical arts as a mode of moderation of self and society with the conviction that such moderation becomes the vehicle for a transformation into a better one or world or both. Interdisciplinary in its philosophy and humanist at its core, the program in classical arts is committed to a soft and innovative course of experience across a diverse spectrum of creative forms.

Classical Arts on Campus offers a wide range of performances in drama, puppet theatre, classical concert, opera, dance, etc.. The plays are chosen to provide students with opportunities to approach the greatest thoughts in history, rouse their intensely moving emotions and wake the visions of beauty in some way higher. The performances are presented by local renowned artistic troops such as Shanghai Dramatic Arts Centre (SDAC), Shanghai Puppet Theatre, SLMO, Shanghai Dance Theatre (SDT), etc.. Each performance or exhibition is usually hosted jointly by the Communist Youth League SDJU Committee and one School of SDJU.