Yun Lai Ren, Professor, Doctor of Engineering, leading teacher of the heavy forging discipline, part-time professor at University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, and Vice General Engineer at Shanghai Heavy Machinery Plant. His research interests are technology and theories for heavy castings and forgings manufacturing and multi-Ram forging.

As the leader or a main participant, he has completed over 20 government-sponsored and non-government-sponsored projects. Of these projects, there is one sub-project under the Research on the Key Technologies and Equipment for Manufacturing Heavy Castings and Forgings, a project listed in the National Key Technology R&D Program, and one sub-project of Research on the Generic Technologies for Multi-Ram Forging, one of the National Science and Technology Major Projects. Also as the leader, currently he is working on another sub-project under the research on the Key Technology for the Crankshaft Forging of the Low-Speed Marine Diesel, a High-Tech Ship Research Project sponsored by China’s Industry and Information Ministry. He has published over 50 academic papers, of which more than 10 are in prestigious journals, such as the Chinese Journal of Mechanical Engineering and cited by SCI and EI. He owns 7 granted patents.

Awards and Honors

· Science and Technology Progress Award of the State Bureau of Machinery Industry (third class)

· Shanghai Science and Technology Progress Award (first class)

· Science and Technology Progress Award of Hebei Province (first class)

· First prize at China International Industry Fair

By Long Jiang Niu