Professor Zhi Jie Wang obtained his Ph.D. degree and postdoctoral of electrical engineering from China University of Mining and Technology.  At the moment, he is a professor, a master tutor, a leader in Shanghai electric science and technology expert project, a winner of Shanghai talent development fund, and an academic leader of electrical, electronics and power transmission engineering of Shanghai. His research interest is hybrid power generation of new energy, electronics and power transmission, power system analysis and fault diagnosis, and so on.

Research Achievements

He had hosted four projects in total.  They are National Natural Science Fund and other provincial and ministerial level projects.  In addition to that, he had completed more than 30 regional school-enterprise cooperation projects.  Moreover, he had published 80 academic papers in total.  More than 20 of them were collected by SCI or EI index, 4 were authorized by invention patents, and 2 were published monographs.

Awards and Honors

·Municipal Talent Development Foundation of Shanghai

·Third Prize in Scientific and Technological Progress of Shanghai

By Qi Wen Wang