Doctor of engineering, associate professor of industrial engineering in business school, and awarded with the Shanghai Pujiang scholar, Shanghai.

From 2000/09 – 2012/06, she had completed the studies of master and Ph.D. studies in department of industrial engineering and management of the school of mechanical and dynamic engineering, Shanghai Jiao Tong University. And immediately after that, she joined Shanghai DianJi University as a lecturer.

From 2015/03 – 2016/03, she was financially subsidized by national foundation as a visiting scholar in department of manufacturing and materials at the Cranfield University located in the UK. Her research interest was service manufacturing, product service system design and configuration, knowledge engineering and so on.

Research Achievements

She hosted the one youth project awarded by National Natural Science Foundation, one youth fund project of category of humanities and social science awarded by Ministry of Education, and one Shanghai Pujiang talent plan in 2017 (category C). She was enrolled in Shanghai College Youth Lecturers' training scheme.

Meanwhile, she was the main participant in completion of National Natural Science Fund project, the national "863" project, the Shanghai natural science fund project, Shanghai science and technology development fund project and enterprise cooperation projects.  To date, she had published 22 articles, of which 15 were the first authorship. Among these publications, 12 articles were retrieved by SCI/EI.

By Qi Wen Wang