Traditional Culture Through Service


By R. Ling

September 10, 2018

What makes the traditional culture such a vital part of SDJU? A creative environment where experimentation and innovation cross all disciplines and break all boundaries. More than one thousand SDJU faculty members and students took part in the traditional culture activities held in the University’s Lingang Stadium on National Teachers’ Day in 2018. The activities featured folk music, painting, calligraphy, riddle-guessing, handicrafts, photography, etc.. Legendary calligraphers like Tian Min Zhang and Jian Jiao from China Calligraphers Association were invited to lecture on Chinese Characters and the Spirit behind Chinese Calligraphy.

SDJU has always been forging connections between the fields of science and engineering and the worlds of classical and poetic culture. From the incorporation of more than 10 general courses on poetry, aesthetics and Chinese traditional culture into the University’s curriculum to the support for our student associations of literature, social etiquette, Chinese knot and painting and calligraphy to the establishment of cultural bases in local ancient towns, investment in the traditional culture at and around SDJU has never been stronger.