SDJU considers any student who does not hold Chinese citizenship or permanent residency to be an international applicant, regardless of where you live or attend school. Chinese Permanent Residents are those students who have an official copy of their Green Card in hand.

International students should finish their study in high school before they become a member of the SDJU community. Applicants should be somewhere between 16 and 30 years of age.

To apply to SDJU, you must take some standardized tests and complete our application.

International students, who are willing to apply for the programs with courses taught in Chinese, must take the HSK. We do have a minimum level for the HSK, which is Level 4. This minimum is in place to ensure your level of Chinese proficiency. We recommend those applicants who do not achieve the required level take Chinese as a Second Language (CSL) programs.

To apply for our international programs, students from countries where English is not a native language must provide a certificate of proficiency in English, to show they will survive in the learning environments.